Are Bifocal Glasses Any Good?

Are Bifocal Glasses Any Good?

Do you have one pair of glasses for reading and another pair for watching television or driving? Maybe you have both in one lens. Bifocal glasses have come a long way in the past twenty years.

Chances are, if you are past the age forty, you likely are developing vision changes. As our eyes age their ability to function changes. Maybe you have had to hold the menu out further away or squint to read the fine print.

Our Eyes Change

It’s perfectly natural for aging eyes to need a bit of assistance. Wearing a pair of glasses while doing one thing with another pair hanging around your neck is a common way of life for many people.

This condition is called presbyopia. It is very common in people over forty. If you can’t see to thread a needle or read your newspaper and also see what is going on several feet or yards away, you can get bifocals.


To help you cope with presbyopia, you can get glasses that allow you to see smaller items that are close and in the things you need to see in the distance.

Now, you can get all kinds of fabulous bifocals and progressive glasses that eliminate the need for two pairs. Bifocal glasses have come a long way from the ‘split lens’ look of yesterday. They used to have a very distinctive line, almost like there were two separate lenses.

Bifocals allow the wearer to read something that is close and still look through the top of their glasses to see something further away. The reading portion is still at the bottom of the lens, just far less visible.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can find glasses that have two types of lenses with a distinctive line or enhanced area for reading, or glasses that do not.

They have come a long way over the years, with the first bifocals being made of two different lenses fused together in a single frame. Now, they are blended and the lines or reading area is far less distinct than it used to be.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive bifocals have no lines, so these may be preferable if that is a concern for you. Standard Progressive eyeglasses have multifocal lenses with three viewing areas: distance, intermediate-, and near-vision.

These types of lenses have their strengths in different places of the lens that changes with distance viewing on the top and near vision on the bottom. The clearest vision in a progressive lens is top to bottom through the center.

Both of these types of glasses can be made with any type of frame you like and also in prescription sunglasses. Bifocals and progressive lenses can be made to any prescription.

Progressive lenses are more expensive than regular bifocals, but they are still a cost-effective way to correct your vision with a simple solution. Two lenses in one. They are certainly cheaper than laser surgery.

Are Bifocal Glasses Good?

Bifocals have both prescriptions in one lens which makes it much more convenient for those who need two pairs of glasses. Rather than switching back and forth, you can have the benefit of both on one pair of glasses.

You can keep the same glasses on for everything you do, without the need to search for your other pair when you change activities. Some bifocal glasses can be worn all day, while others are meant for wear while working on a very specific task.

Maybe you work on a computer screen all day, but still need to be able to see something across the room or you several feet away from you. These glasses are designed for the user to wear while performing their job or hobby, but not for regular use.

Getting bifocals can be quite an adjustment for most people who have never had them or have used two separate pairs of glasses for each use. The first-time wearer might find that the sidewalk or floor is not where they think it is.

They can also cause new users to suffer from mild headaches or even slight nausea as their vision adjusts to the new lenses. This does not happen with everyone and the effects are short-lived, as a rule. It will certainly vary with each individual.

Bifocals are available in contact lenses, and these, too, will require the wearer to make some adjustments. Whereas the person wearing bifocal glasses can tilt their head to find the part of the lens they need, the contacts will be stationary.

Some people may find they still need to keep a pair of reading glasses when they need to read a lot. Bifocals work very well, but they are not a full-frame for prescription and may make it more difficult for prolonged reading. Full frame reading sunglasses with fully magnified and UV-protected lenses are a must-have for both men and women.

Depending on your prescription, it may not be possible to get prescription bifocals for some people. Some people may need to rely on the two separate pairs for each.

Bifocals and Fashion

Bifocals are available in prescription sunglasses, as well. Vitenzi have many different styles to choose from, from frameless to vintage. All named after a city in Italy, these affordable and fashionable glasses are designed to give you style and personality, while still maintaining our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Enjoy that morning newspaper on your deck and watch the sun come up without damaging your eyes.