Each pair of glasses comes with a PU leather case, microfiber soft pouch, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver.



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You spend hours in front of a computer each day. After a while, your eyes start to feel tired or strained, or you have difficulty sleeping as you wind down for the evening.

Blue light from your electronic devices may be to blame. VITENZI has developed a solution to counteract this effect with our Prato Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses with trifocal lenses. We start with a classic, durable and lightweight frame inspired by Italian eyewear that's built with quality materials, then add blue-light-blocking qualities to lessen fatigue and screen glare, work against macular degeneration, and improve visual clarity as you're using your laptop, phone or tablet.

Merging the practical with the fashionable, these multifocal reading glasses match your tastes through our bespoke, customized approach. Select from classic, versatile black, attention-getting blue, and timeless tortoiseshell. An anti-scratch, anti-fog finish ensures they stay sharp and clear and provide the view you seek, even if you're simply working the 9-to-5.

Lens Width: 52 mm
Bridge: 18 mm
Height: 41 mm
Length: 136 mm
Our Lifetime Guarantee

What's the one thing we all fear most after buying a great set of designer eyeglasses? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’ve sat on your glasses,  stepped on them and even closed the car door on them (let’s not even talk about that time with the dog…) 

At VITENZI, we want you to be confident that you’ll have your cool new lenses for a long time, so we back up every purchase with an ironclad guarantee.  

If you should ever damage or destroy your VITENZI glasses, simply contact our customer service with a copy of your receipt and a photo of the damaged glasses and we will replace them for FREE!* (see below for details) 

Now you can rest easy knowing that you’ll look sharp and see the world through cool glasses, even after the cat confuses your Vitenzis with their favorite chew toy!

*Guarantee applies to destruction or damage, not lost glasses.  Must supply photo of damaged glasses.  Guarantee limited to a single replacement per order. Must pay $8.95 to cover shipping & handling costs.


All orders are shipped free with a U.S. address. That means free shipping both ways and a full cash refund once we receive your glasses back within 30 days of purchase.